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Vinod Vaikuntanathan's talk Lattices and Cryptography: A Match Made in Heaven covers Lattices, Learning with Errors, and Fully Homomorphic Encryption at a high level. It shows the big picture where FHE fits in. In particular, FHE is but one application of a new lattice-enabled cryptographic primitive called Homomorphic Trapdoor Function (HTDF) [GVW14] (the other application being Fully Homomorphic Signatures). Applications of lattices, including FHE, starts around 14:33. The main part of the talk is about HTDF.

A good, but older overview of FHE is given by IBM Shai Halevi's August 2013 lecture on Homomorphic Encryption at the UCI Workshop on Lattices with Symmetry. Slides.

This tutorial was an updated talk of a previous version at the CRYPTO 2011: video1, video2, slides.

A better 2015 overview by Shai Halevi on SWHE and FHE is available in the Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption (SWHE), and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) crypto bites.


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