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Cryptology isn't a mere collection of papers. It is also a community of real people. In this crypto lounge, I've collected some videos showing famous cryptologists from a more personal side: commemorative lectures, discussion panels, interviews etc.

While the focus is more on personal interviews, I've also listed some regular lectures and invited talks directed at a more general audience that I particularly liked, when I couldn't find more personal footage. They too capture at least a tiny fraction of the real human behind the author's name on a paper.

If you scroll down, you'll also find a series of semi off-topic videos on non-crypto related subjects, which you may find interesting.

This playlist is "work in progress": I'll update it now and then, so feel free to come back for updates.

Famous Cryptologists

Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, Len Adleman

Whitfield Diffie, Martin E. Hellman

Michael Rabin

Tal Rabin

Shafi Goldwasser, Avi Wigderson, Silvio Micali

Mihir Bellare, Philipp Rogaway

Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Nadia Heninger

Ivan Damgård

Dan Boneh, Victor Shoup

Amir Herzberg

More Famous Scientists and Engineers

The End?

Semi Off-Topic (non-crypto)

This is a sub-playlist of videos that I've stumbled across while looking for various crypto-related discplines like, e.g. quantum compting or anything else. I think they're amazing and funny and instructive; definitely worth watching on your spare time.

Quantum Computing

Signal Processing