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An introduction to lattices and learning with errors is [A12]. A survey of the field of lattice cryptography from 2016 can be found in [P16]. If you want to get your hands dirty and play around, a great C library for experimenting with and prototyping lattice-based cryptography is [OQSP] from the Open Quantum Safe Project [SM16]. A good place to start exploring the field of lattice cryptography is [MLAT].

This crypto bite is inspired by many talks. Oded Regev, the inventor of Learning With Errors (LWE) [R05, R10], an important application of lattices used in cryptography, gave an introduction and broad overview of lattices in his talk "Introduction to Lattices" (slides) at the 2nd BIU Winter School on Cryptography: Lattice-based Cryptography and Applications. February 19-22 2012. (all videos):

Vinod Vaikuntanathan's "Lattices and Cryptography: A Match Made in Heaven" at the PQCrypto 2014 conference is an excellent overview:

There is a whole series of talks on Lattice-based Cryptography at