In this crypto bite, we'll have a look at Oblivious RAM, a protocol which cryptographically hides the access pattern to untrusted memory.

What is Oblivious RAM?

How to implement ORAM

Hierarchical ORAM

Square Root ORAM

Binary Tree ORAM


Parallel ORAM (OPRAM)

Server-assisted ORAM


Covered in [Fletcher16]

Onion ORAM

Covered in [Fletcher16]


Covered in [Fletcher16]

A Case Study: ObliviSync

Covered in [ACRM16]

Testing ORAM Implementations

If you'd like to experiment with ORAM, you can either implement the ORAM schemes yourself (in any language that supports overloading getters and setters to an array-like structure), or you may als well try SEAL-ORAM, a C++ framework[SealORAM].

Another interesting project is the implementation of ORAM on an FPGA-Board as explained in [FRKDSSD14] and implemented in [OramFPGA]. Hardware ORAM can be embedded in a more general setup of Hardware Obfuscation (HOP) [NFRCLSG17].


Elaine Shi gave a nice introduction to Oblivious RAM in her talk "Oblivious RAM I" (no slides) at UC Berkeley's Simons Institute Cryptography Boot Camp 2015:

Benny Pinkas ORAM talk (slides) at the 5th BIU Winter School on Cryptography:

Mariana Raykova's talk "Secure Computation with RAMs" (no slides) is a good introduction to and overview of Oblivious RAM:

Daniel Wichs talk "Oblivious RAM II" (no slides) at the Cryptography Boot Camp 2015 is about offloading ORAM computations to the server:


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