In this crypto bite, we'll explore on a high level how cryptographic protocols are verified in the symbolic Dolev-Yao model using automated tools like Tamarin and ProVerif. Everything here is heavily motivated and influenced by [Basin18, BCM15], and of course, by the series on Key Exchange Protocols.

(... to be written: in the mean time, please refer to the slides in [Basin18] and the literature below).

Extending Tamarin

(... to be written, but see [XSHMWO18]'s contribution SmartVerif for an example)


Even though a bit older, the talk Automated Analysis of TLS 1.3 by Thyla van der Merwe at the 1st BIU Security Day, The Current State of TLS, May 2, 2016, is worth watching. Newer, improved slides, are in [CHHSM18].


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