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Gilles Barthe gave a talk "Computer-Aided Security Proofs for the Working Cryptographer" (slides) at CRYPTO 2011 on EasyCrypt, covering [BGHB11]:


  • [S06] Victor Shoup: Sequence of Games, A Tool for Taming Complexity in Security Proofs. January 18, 2006. (full pdf)
  • [BR04] Mihir Bellare, Philipp Rogaway: The Game-Playing Technique. December 11, 2004 (Draft 0.4). (full pdf, alternative source)
  • [BR08] Mihir Bellare, Phillip Rogaway: Code-Based Game-Playing Proofs and the Security of Triple Encryption. November 27, 2008 (Draft 3.0). (iacr.org 2004/331, full pdf; revised pdf in the new 2006 version)
  • [BGHB11] Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Grégoire, Sylvain Heraud, Santiago Zanella Béguelin: Computer-Aided Security Proofs for the Working Cryptographer. In: Advances in Cryptology, CRYPTO 2011, pp 71-90. Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS Vol. 6841. (full pdf via link.springer.com, full pdf via iacr.org)
  • [BDGSS14] Gilles Barthe, François Dupressoir, Benjamin Grégoire, Benedikt Schmidt, Pierre-Yves Strub: Computer-aided Cryptography, Some Tools and Applications (full pdf)
  • [EasyCrypt] EasyCrypt (project homepage)